Dancing Djinn
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Blake spinning flower sticks
     Blake is a performer who focuses on bringing dance to a series of highly technical routines, showcasing flowing patterns mixed with tricks that hover on the edge of impossibility. His props of choice are contact staff, double staff, double and triple contact staff, fire breathing, poi, rope dart, and flower sticks. He is also learning juggling, hula hoop, meteor, contact juggling, diabolo, sword, and fleshing.
Becca spinning poi
     Rebecca is a hula hooper and poi spinner who focuses on flow and moving with the music. She is working on tricks with multiple hoops and expanding her fire hooping repertoire.

Isaac spinning flower sticks
     Isaac is a fire poi performer who mainly focuses on body movement, circular contrast, and uncomfortable looking moves. He tool of choice is poi, he is learning to juggle fire and he aspires to breathe fire when he finds a suitable teacher.

What's in a name?
     The name Dancing Djinn often misspelled as Dancing Djin, Dancing Jinn, or Dancing Gin comes from legends of genies made out of pure, smokeless flame. These Djinn would often disguise themselves as humans and walk out into crowded streets, using their magic to astonish everyone around them. Although our performers are human, they still use their spectacular control of the primal element of fire to amaze crowds today.